Connecting Purchasing Power to Drive Savings

SPECTRA consolidates their clients travel spend via SPECTRA’s preferred travel agency in each market. Clients are provided access to SPECTRA’s professional travel management team and through their corporate contracts, access to the corporate support structures of the airlines, hotels and other suppliers. This facilitates a material improvement in service and access to inventory (particularly at peak times) resulting in reduced fares and rates.

We Provide Transparency Enabling Increased Control & Governance

Each client receives monthly management information reports that outline the volumes, trends and opportunities for their individual business All airfares are provided directly to SPECTRA clients ‘net’, i.e. without mark-up. SPECTRA then charges a fixed flat transaction fee. Our negotiated hotel rates do not require pre-payment, all are eligible for all relevant points/miles and are settled upon departure with full visibility to the rate. This is very different to traditional travel agencies, where they retain commissions or overrides or charge a percentage of the fare (which creates a conflict of interest). By structuring it the SPECTRA way our clients have complete transparency to the true cost of the whole booking and we have no incentive to book a higher fare.

Access A Fully Managed Corporate Travel Program

By combining spend to leverage better rates and service, SPECTRA is able to provide:

  • A dedicated travel team to service SPECTRA clients
  • Access to SPECTRA’s preferred airfares, hotel and ground transportation rates
  • Online access to SPECTRA’s negotiated hotel rates as well as rates from 12 leading consolidators (booking.com, HRS, hotels.com, tripadvisor etc.) in one consolidated portal.
  • Tailored travel policy to ensure the booker is aware of all lower cost options
  • High touch servicing with predefined KPIs and SLAs
  • Detailed reporting on travel spend, outlining volumes, trends, policy compliance, and missed savings opportunities

  • 24/7 emergency travel support for calls made outside of office hours
  • Security tracking in the event of a significant travel impact, disaster etc.
  • Access to the corporate support structures of the airlines, hotel – giving access to inventory during peak times, resulting in reduced fares and rates
  • Currently operational in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and China. Additional operations are under review in Philippines and Japan

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